Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease

Getting Sweet Relief from the Frazzle

Watch this brief video on how you can stay true to your vision as a nurse, a physician, a social worker, AND have less stress, struggle, and irritations. 

Nurses! 23 Contact Hours!

7 Lessons, 6 Guided Meditations, a complete course guide.

And a whole lotta love!

Overwhelm at Work?

Create more Ease.

1 hour of instruction/week and brief daily practices is all you need.

And you will turn:

  • Frustration into patience
  • Chaos into calm
  • Challenging communication into productive conversations
  • Emotional upheavals into clarity and 
  • Stress and overwhelm into health and resilience

Healthcare is tough. The more of us who practice self-compassion and mindfulness, the more ease we create.

The mindfulness practices and content in Room to Breathe are designed just for you, the health professional. The practices are supported by research and include guided meditations and teachings that will transform your life and work from the inside out. 

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Are you a nurse? Earn 23 Contact Hours!

Trust your capacity to be the change you want to see in health care.  

And transform the way you arrive and leave work each day.

Learn the very powerful Mindfulness Practices in Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease that give you the all tools and strategies you need to meet these these stressors when they do arise.

How? The Pause. Mindfulness teaches you how to take a moment of frustration or a challenging conversation and pause! Why pause? Because this is where you find all your inner resources just waiting to be accessed to shift these moments into ease and connection.  

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and what's happening around you. This helps you keep your equilibrium and your work and communications become more effective, effortless, and efficient.  

In just weeks, the tools you learn in Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease can literally reshape a stress default mode into a default calm and joy mode.  

Join the growing world of health professionals who take care of themselves with Mindfulness Practices.

Start Your Way to Less Stress and More Ease Today!


What if you and your colleagues had the tools that Mindfulness provides? 

When you work with someone who is anxious, you easily drop into the calm and stable part of you so they relax. When there is a time crunch, you remember to pause and breathe, feeling spacious and at ease.

You know how to respond to an angry, easing their frustrations, and your own!

Even when the proverbial *#@* hits the fan, which it will (this is health care) you’re not riddled with stress. You ask for the help you need. And you get it!


When there are moments of chaos, you know how to get your team quickly pulling together in service to your common purpose.

Make room in your life for the solution with the Mindfulness Practices and teachings in Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease.

Room to Breathe: What it is & how it works

  • 7 powerful and strategic lessons to learn-at-your-own-pace 
  • 7 audio lessons and complete course guide 
  • 5 guided audio meditation practices  
  • A video on a mindful movement practice 
  • A bonus chapter on how to create a mindfulness retreat day.
  • A Room to Breathe Private Facebook group 
  • 23 Contact Hours from the American Holistic Nurses Association. (Click here to learn more.)
Click here review how to earn your Contact Hours.

Each of the 7 Classes

  • Teaches a mindfulness concept that radically changes how you approach your work
  • Provides powerful & effective new tools you can immediately apply in your day to day work and life
  • Gives you current research, guided meditations and weekly readings (just enough, but not too much!)
  • Allows time to address your daily reality and incorporate mindfulness practice into work and life

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Take advantage of what Room to Breathe offers you:

  • Powerful breathing techniques that turn off the fight and flight response and turns on the relaxation response creating more calm, focus and ease in your day.
  • Many effective strategies that increase the space between your thoughts and actions transforming challenging interactions into healthy and supportive relationships.
  • Practical tools that quiet the inner critic and judge so you have more compassion for yourself and resilience when working with the suffering of others.
  • Personal guidance from me addressing the particulars of your situation, resulting in an individualized mindfulness practice that works for you.

Here's what Room to Breathe students are saying:

“The practice of Mindfulness taught me that when I’m stressed, I can just breathe. At work I bring mindfulness in more and more with people and patients under stressful circumstances. It helps me be more mindful of my physical reactions and I can intercede then, without reacting. To make good decisions, not influenced by my own stressful biochemicals.”

Jim Vaughan, RN, Inpatient Psychiatric Nurse

 “I found that over years of clinical management I became a too-busy distracted professional. I thought that constant thinking and planning was helping me get more done. But instead I was less effective, unaware and impatient. Mindfulness changed my healthcare practice by helping me to stay centered on the important work I am doing. I am more appreciative, vastly less stressed and just as productive as I need to be.”

Laura Showers, RN, MSN, Infection Preventionist/ Accreditation Specialist

After completing Room to Breathe, over 65% of participants saw a noticeable improvement in insomnia and over 50% of participants experienced a noticeable reduction in depression.

“I was surprised to find that the more I slowed down the more I got done. Jackie’s class helped me to start a daily meditation practice and over time I realized I didn’t have to always plan and that it was ok to step back and let myself be present in the moment.”

Critical Care Nursing Director

“Jackie makes an incredible impact on nurse’s lives. Her optimistic presentation of the deep respect and value she holds for the human spirit is truly inspiring and infectious. Her support of nurse leaders allows them to face the multiple, complex interdisciplinary issues with less stress and symptoms of burnout.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

My Story of Stress and how Mindfulness made the difference for me — and it can for you, too.

Personally, it’s been a life saver for me. Years ago, as the nurse manager of a busy outpatient pain management department, I was a mess. I felt under attack by the constant interruptions, the needs of angry patients and frustrated staff. I came in early to get a jump on things and stayed late to catch up–still there was not enough time in the day. At home, instead of feeling good about what I accomplished, I single-handedly barraged myself about what I should have done differently, better, faster.

I tried lots of things I hoped would help. I exercised, went out for a drink (or two). Tucked myself into bed early, but that only gave me more time to lay awake and ruminate. I took classes on “How to be a Better Manager”, which gave some good tips, but nothing that helped me find a way to be in the chaos of health care.

I decided to take a 7-day mindfulness retreat for health professionals with Jon Kabat-Zinn. It was then the light bulb went on.

A hundred other doctors and nurses felt like me. And we were in this together. To make a shift from looking outside for relief to looking inward.

What I discovered was another part of myself. The part of me that is calm, is patient, is funny and inspires others. I went from constant stress, irritation and hopelessness, to real joy in the work I did. 

 It was the same job. But I was different. Inside. And that transformed my outer world.

Jackie Levin RN, MS, AHC-BC, NC-BC

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course materials? You have access for as long as the course is live! However, if you want the 23 Contact Hours you need to complete the course within 4 months. Most students complete the course in 7-12 weeks. If you have extenuating circumstances, please email me!

What if I can’t learn to meditate!? I want to assure you, that you can. This course guides you step-by-step in how to do this. Let yourself experience the course and you'll be surprised, like so many other health professionals, by what you can do. 

I don't know if I have the time to learn Mindfulness and put it into practice. Time is precious for most of us. With my support and guidance I'll help you find even just a few moments where you can practice.

What if I can’t afford the class? Sometimes finances are tight. I think about this as an investment in myself and those I love. Truly a pay it forward gift for my health, my relationships and my career. And one that pays for itself quickly.

Don’t I know this already? Maybe yes, you do! And if so, then consider taking the program to take your practice to a deeper level and join a community of like-minded health professionals.

I'm not nurse, can I take this course? Yes! This course is great for any health professional, no matter where you work. If you have questions about whether this program is right for you, please contact me.

What if I can’t practice every day? Will I still get my Continuing Education Contact Hours (CH) or the benefit of the program? The class doesn't require daily practice for the Contact Hours. There are certain requirements you do need to fulfill to get your CHs. Click here to learn more.

How do I get the best results from this class? I have found that people get the greatest benefit from consistent practice. However, many people find they get great results from practicing just a few times a week and by listening to the recordings. Everyone is unique and has different kinds of stressors. So really you are the scientist and the experimenter of your own experience

One person who studied with me said, “I read a lot of books about mindfulness and thought I was managing my stress and communications well. But I realized that I wasn’t managing my stress well at all! I interrupted people and snapped. Then I was irritated with myself. Ugh! But after your course and a steady practice, it’s way different. I’m a much better listener. Much more patient. Happier.”

And another struggled giving clear and concise reports. She rambled, giving more weight to the irrelevant bits and forgot the big stuff. (The kind of thing stress does to you.) Mid-way through the course, she told me, “I’m no longer all over the place when I give report. I start with a breath and collect my thoughts. The nurses and docs I work with are so appreciative! And so am I.”

Another person was very depressed about about not finding a job. She also had an ill family member and other stressors. She told me it was learning mindfulness that really helped her weather that time in her life. Able to take each day as it was, not projecting worry onto an unknowable future. She now has a great job and uses the strategies from the course everyday.

These changes are not accidental. They are the result of nurses, like yourself, being in a program, learning mindfulness practice and naturally finding ways to bring this to work. Whether you’re new to mindfulness practice or want to reignite your practice, join me! This is your time to get the sweet relief from the frazzle!

My Money Back Guarentee:

Your purchase is completely backed by my money-back guarantee. If you find after working with Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease materials is not what you expected, email me and request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the program. I will refund your money less a small administrative fee of 10%.

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